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Aberratio Boutique Hotel is ideally located just a few meters away from all the traditional coffee shops at the picturesque Aristi village square, with the cosmopolitan air of Zagorochoria. The hotel is also near the banks of Voidomatis river and the magically beautiful Drakolimni lake in the meadow of mount Timfi.

With a modern, but timeless character, Aberratio Boutique Hotel draws its inspiration from the sublime and unaffected beauty of nature. Comprised of 3 homogenous buildings interconnected with stairways and 12 rooms, the hotel follows the traditional Epirus architecture and culture, offering its visitors superior comfort in a contemporary decorated, imposing, renovated mansion. Combined with the view of the rocky mountains of Astraka and the endless green surroundings, Aberratio is the ultimate winter getaway. The event hall, restaurant and comfortable lounges complete all the necessary facilities and amenities of a Boutique Hotel.

Stone and wood are the two materials that exist throughout the scenery. The two components harmoniously blend the modern design and affordable luxury of Aberratio Boutique Hotel with the warmth and hospitality of the local people. The bold earthy colors, fireplaces and flavors of the regional cuisine dishes that are offered provide many valuable and worthwhile experiences to each visitor.

Visit, browse and get in touch with nature and its elements.

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